The success of an online meeting or event rests on four factors:


Live interaction with the audience

Visible presence of all participants

A visually attractive environment

Seamless display of all types of presentations

Live interaction with the audience

When using the Live VR Stage, you can speak and answer questions from any participant at any time. This interaction is easy to follow for all participants as the video feed of the participant who is asking the question appears live on stage.


Visible presence of all participants

At any time, all participants are able to see each other live. This creates a feeling of experiencing the event together. We want to prevent your Live VR program from feeling like a tv show in which a message is only being sent. Ultimately it is about telling a story with interactivity.

A visually attractive environment

Online meetings have become indispensable as part of the communication mix for every company that wants to convey its message to a specific target group. A Zoom, Teams or Skype meeting feels restless and visually unappealing. It is therefore tiring for the audience. The Live VR stage provides a beautiful and pleasant-looking environment. This contributes to your participants being able to focus on the program for longer periods of time. In addition, the Live VR Stage adds to the professional image you want to portray.


Seamless display of your presentations

In the virtual world you are standing in front of a large and impressive video screen on which we can display any presentation. Video, PowerPoint, PDF, you name it and we take care of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the Live VR Stage located?

    Centrally located in Utrecht, we have set up our Live VR Stage right next to the A2. The address is Zonnebaan 42 in Utrecht.

  • As a presenter I don't see the VR part of the set. How do I experience the interaction?

    Your presentation takes place in a studio environment. However, we place video screens around you where we show the features of the VR experience. So you have a good idea from every angle what your participants see.

  • What does it cost?

    There are many options for customizing your experience with the Live VR Stage. So contact us and we will make sure that you receive a proposal that meets your needs. or 010 51 10 515

  • What support can I expect?

    We ensure that you can fully concentrate on the story you want to tell. We have set up a technical booth with employees who ensure that you, your presentations and interaction with guests run smoothly. We also have a director on location who will guide you from start to finish.

  • What are the opening hours of the Live VR Stage?

    You can book the Live VR Stage 7 days a week and 24 hours a day if you wish. After all, your audience may attend a meeting in a different time zone. We normally work with reservations in the form of half-days (4 hours), but this can also be customized for you.

  • What do visitors need to be able to follow the presentation?

    Only a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet access and a web browser. Almost every web browser is compatible and no software installation is required. The most accessible solution available.

  • Can I also tailor the VR environment?

    Absolutely! We offer a complete standard setting, but, if wanted, we can fully customize it for you.

  • Do I have to do the presentation myself?

    It is not necessary. We have a wide selection of trainers, professional presenters or celebrities who can take over the live interaction with the participants. We can also arrange a duo presentation with you and our professional.

  • Which additional services can I expect?

    This is almost limitless. Wat can take care of the invitation process, add a payment feature, deploy presenters, add all kinds of entertainment, an online evaluation module or a fully customized VR setting for your company.  Anything you want, we will provide.

  • Is it safe to come to the studio?

    We work in accordance with the most current Corona guidelines. All employees keep 1.5 meters distance, all surfaces and utensils such as microphones are cleaned after each session.

  • How secure is our information and personal data?

    The Live VR Stage servers are located in Ireland and are subject to European regulations regarding the protection of information and personal data. We are therefore fully in compliance with the European VAR rules.

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